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Why buy when you can DIY? That’s the mantra I live by everyday. Here are a few of my favorite handmade crafts, and I’m sharing them with all with you!

How to Fold a Love Letter into an Origami Heart

How to Fold a Letter into an Origami Heart | I Try DIY

I still remember how I learned to fold letters into origami hearts like these. It was sometime in highschool. I had received a letter folded into this cute little heart. I had left it in my room while I was off to school. When I got back home, that letter was unraveled on my bed. Whoever snooped to read it, couldn’t put back the humpty dumpty of a letter back together again. Did a heart-shaped letter scream love letter? I was pretty pissed off back then, but I find it extremely funny now. Read on to learn how to make an origami heart. (Scroll down to the very end to watch a video tutorial instead!)


It’s A Wrap: Dressed Up Brown Paper Bags

I remember when I used to give my friends Valentine’s Day cards or goodies, even if I wasn’t all for the day of hearts. I used it as an excuse to give my closest buds gifts. As always, it was more the thrill of packing the goodies up rather than the gifts themselves. For the the day of everything red, here’s a cute way of packing up a batch of home baked cookies! All you need are brown paper bags, cardstock, and a craft punch!


Wooden Embroidery Hoop and Fabric Wall Hanging

It’s been a couple weeks since my Mom left. She spent nearly a month here to help me out with a few workshops, events and bazaars. Philippines is on a Holiday High, so we were quite busy managing all the craft sales at the different craft fairs and bazaars, as well as from the I Try DIY Shop. Tutorials took a backseat, but I’m definitely back with a vengeance. Mom left behind this cute wall hanging. It’s such a simple project, I don’t even know why I never thought of it!