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Why buy when you can DIY? That’s the mantra I live by everyday. Here are a few of my favorite handmade crafts, and I’m sharing them with all with you!

Homemade Banana Split Ice Cream

I’ve been having smoothies (and lots of them) this year. Yes, I love me some Razzmatazz or White Gummi Bear from Jamba Juice, but making them on the cheap here at home works just as well. I’ve been freezing my strawberries, bananas and mangoes so I can make my smoothie without ice. Creamier. Yummier. Just throw in some fresh OJ and you’re good to go.

That was until I ran out of OJ. What do I do instead? I make some homemade version of a Banana Split.


Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

When I first saw THIS friendship bracelet watch on Urban Outfitters’ site, I knew I had to have it. By that, it meant either having to buy it or make it. The tweet professing my love for this idea came months ago. I only got around to making it now.

This weekend, I suddenly remembered how I had a watch stashed away with the rest of my unused accessories. I don’t remember which cousin or visitor left this in my New York apartment. I never found out, and never used the watch myself. So, here’s how I made my version of this friendship bracelet watch.