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Why buy when you can DIY? That’s the mantra I live by everyday. Here are a few of my favorite handmade crafts, and I’m sharing them with all with you!

Instax Belted Gift Tag

Instax and Crafts - Belted Gift Tag Card

Earlier this month, Instax invited me to teach a bunch of avid crafters Christmas crafts at SM Mall of Asia. It was a bit daunting–standing in the middle of the largest mall in Asia–talking about memories and how to share them through crafts. I taught two different crafts at the workshop that afternoon. Crazy me got inspired by Santa Claus and his belt. Here’s my Santa-inspired take on gift tags, to make your gift-wrapping a bit more personalized!

I Try DIY | Instax Belted Gift Tag I Try DIY | Instax Belted Gift Tag


Halloween Triangle Origami Bowls Video Tutorial

I Try DIY | How to Make Triangle Origami Bowls for Halloween

For Valentine’s day, I made a tutorial for these Triangle Origami Bowls. Now that it’s Halloween, candy containers were top of mind. I thought I’d give this origami tutorial another shot. You can read back to the step-by-step tutorial if you prefer to see photos of each step. I’ve also been asked to make a video tutorial for it. To learn how to make origami bowls, click through now!