How to “Fake” Calligraphy

Watch the video tutorial for this craft HERE

Practice is key when doing calligraphy work. I really don’t practice writing with the use of nibs regularly. Oftentimes, I rely on my fairly decent handwriting. (Check out my handwritten fonts here!) Practice makes perfect, but in a pinch, I suppose you can fake it til you make it. Here’s how to fake calligraphy!

I Try DIY | How to "Fake" Calligraphy

I traded out calligraphy nibs for my trusty Zig Millennium Markers. I used a the 0.8 marker from the set.

I Try DIY | How to "Fake" Calligraphy

Start out by writing your words in basic script or cursive. Leave enough space between the letters for the next steps. You can write out your words and letters in any shape or form. It doesn’t have to be in one straight line like this.

I Try DIY | How to "Fake" Calligraphy

When writing traditional cursive calligraphy, you would put pressure on the downstrokes. To emulate the thicker strokes, draw a shadow stroke to the parts of the letter where your hand moves towards the bottom of the page as you were writing.

I Try DIY | How to "Fake" Calligraphy

Then, fill in those spaces. Make adjustments to the letters if you find anything looking weird. That’s pretty much it!

I Try DIY | How to "Fake" Calligraphy

My friend Macy says that calligraphy literally means beautiful writing. So, I suppose this would still be calligraphy minus the nibs, dip pen and ink. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself!

I Try DIY | How to "Fake" Calligraphy
To keep you inspired, here are a few favorite local calligraphers to follow on instagram!



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