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Now I’m Multiply-ing

I Try DIY | Now I'm Multiply-ing
I’ve told my friends that I wouldn’t sell my friendship bracelets. I mean, how can you put a price on friendship? But I have been getting requests, so I caved. I’m starting small. Way small.

I’m now on Multiply (itrydiy.multiply.com)!

I’m trying not to overwhelm myself by posting too many patterns, but if there’s anything you’ve seen me do and want to order it, let me know via e-mail or twitter, and I’ll add it to my site.

I’m also offering a special treat until Valentine’s Day. Use discount code ITRYDIY4VDAY until the 14th to receive 10% off your purchase!

And the winners are…

I Try DIY | And the winners are...
After careful consideration, the winner of for best DIY idea is:


DIY Idea: A DIY laptop. 🙂 It’s a 13″ or 14″ wooden box (but still looks like a laptop) Inside you can find: (a)Journal-sub for your blog, (b)Pen and Paper – sub for Microsoft Office, (c)IPOD/MP3- for music, (d)autograph notebook- sub for Facebook, (e)pictures, (f)DVDs, (g)mini dictionary, (h)inside part of your ‘laptop’ box can be a chess board/ scrabble – for games, (i)folders, (j)alcohol- as an anti-virus xD (k)little scissors and glue – for cut and paste options (l)cellphone and diana cam (m) you can also add 7 windows in its design- for its OS xD (n) etc. Your call 😉 Planner Preference: 2-Bamboo

I thought the idea was unique, quite creative, and would be very fun to make! This just might be a DIY creation this coming 2012.

For the rest of the people who joined, I ran your names through a randomizer. The of the second Starbucks Planner is:


Working on nothing but the honesty system here, please shoot me an e-mail with your mailing address so that I can send you your 2012 Starbucks Planners. As luck would have it, you both get the planner in your preferred color/design. It may not get to you by the start of the year, but you have the remaining 51 weeks or so to catch up and fill the blank pages in. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and please keep coming back to the site! Another giveaway may just be right around the corner.

The end is near!

I Try DIY | The end is near!
And by end, I mean the end of my Starbucks Planner giveaway. When I made the decision to give away these two planners, I was expecting to get twenty entries at most. A few weeks later, here I am sorting through eighty or so entries. The DIY ideas have been inspiring to say the least. These ideas will keep me busy in 2012!

The giveaway ends at midnight tonight, so tell all your friends. Thanks again!

Raffle for 2012 Starbucks Planners

My coffee addiction partnered with this need to take advantage of all promos brought me to this. I now have two (extra) Starbucks planners to raffle off to my beloved readers–yes, all three of you.

I Try DIY | Raffle for 2012 Starbucks Planners

So, here are the mechanics. By Friday, December 30th, leave a comment in this post with the following information:

  • Your name, of course
  • A DIY idea you would like for me to try out
  • Your planner preference: Bamboo or Oak

How do I select the winners?

  • The one whose DIY idea I find the most interesting (but doable, of course), will get first dibs.
  • The second planner will be selected using a random number generator.

When will I announce the winners?

  • Saturday, December 31st.

If you have any questions, just let me know by e-mail or via twitter. Please spread the news about my new blog itrydiy.me, and comment away!

Why DIY?

I Try DIY | Why DIY?

I’ve been scouting for blog ideas since I moved back to Manila six months ago. I knew that a blog about the move would get old really quick, and shopping blogs were a dime a dozen. A fashion blogger, I was not. The life of my chictopia account was short. I now browse, and never post.

The last couple months, I found myself pretty much unemployed and looking for something to keep me occupied. Perusing blogs, I scratched an itch. The itch was to create stuff. To pass time, I started to make friendship bracelets. Soon enough, a sewing machine landed on my wishlist.

My hope is that with this blog, I don’t lose my want to make things. I’ll document my inspiration, the items I use, how long it takes me and how much it costs. It is my hope that i try diy won’t be shortlived.