I Try DIY | Why DIY?

I’ve been scouting for blog ideas since I moved back to Manila six months ago. I knew that a blog about the move would get old really quick, and shopping blogs were a dime a dozen. A fashion blogger, I was not. The life of my chictopia account was short. I now browse, and never post.

The last couple months, I found myself pretty much unemployed and looking for something to keep me occupied. Perusing blogs, I scratched an itch. The itch was to create stuff. To pass time, I started to make friendship bracelets. Soon enough, a sewing machine landed on my wishlist.

My hope is that with this blog, I don’t lose my want to make things. I’ll document my inspiration, the items I use, how long it takes me and how much it costs. It is my hope that i try diy won’t be shortlived.



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    January 19, 2012

    I'm excited to have found your blog! my blog became my pet project too when I went to live back home (in between jobs too) with my parents. it's important to have a creative, productive outlet! Looking forward to what else you have in store for DIYing.
    Erin @ http://www.thanksimadeitblog.com

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    Tin | The Average Jane

    December 23, 2011

    Very nice blog! It's very seldom I get to come across a local DIY/craft blogger. Definitely following your future posts. =)