Last Saturday, I headed over to Pipino Vegetarian for Alessa‘s Watercolor Crafternoon. Take away the fact that it took me nearly two hours to get there, the afternoon was a blast! I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint–even if it meant playing with watercolor like a toddler.

I arrived around 45 minutes later, but managed to catch up. Alessa had us dive in, playing with the amount of water used, trying out different ways to handle our brushes, and testing out different techniques.

I Try DIY | Watercolor Crafternoon at PipinoVeg!

Later on, she had us work on three projects. One of which was a watercolor version of “What’s in your bag?” Needless to say, it was a catastrophe! I’ve never been able to draw. Patterns on the other hand, well, I could handle.

The second project was to draw what we had for breakfast. For that day, all I had for breakfast was coffee, so I moved onto the last project. Write the alphabet.

Because I’ve grown so accustomed to writing my name M-I-K-K-O, I guess my hand found it all but natural to follow the Letter K with an O. So there, my alphabet is all messed up. ABCDEFGHIJK…O?

I Try DIY | Watercolor Crafternoon at PipinoVeg!

I’m looking forward to more crafternoons. I already promised Alessa I’d teach a Paper Folding crafternoon if anyone would be interested. Would you?