Handwritten Fonts by Mikko Sumulong

One of the things I enjoy doing while sipping on a hot cup of coffee is making my own handwritten fonts. It reminds me of all the lettering I used to do during class when I was still in highschool. My planners used to be splashed with random quotes and words written in all sorts of fun and fancy lettering.

I Try DIY | Handwritten Fonts

I do not consider myself a letterer, much less a calligrapher. I just do it for fun. Lately though, I’ve found my favorite writing implements! I love myself some Micron Archival Ink Pens (I Try DIY Shop | Amazon), Sharpie Stylo (Amazon), Sharpie Brush Pens (Amazon), Chisel Tip Sharpies (Amazon) and this fine tip Aquash Waterbrush (Amazon) for my meager watercolor skills. Maybe I should put skills in quotes. Haha!

I Try DIY | Handwritten Fonts

As you can see, I love Sharpies. I actually have a hundred markers in my personal collection. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Well, when I learned about the brush tip ones, I knew I had to get myself a set. Or two. Just in case I wear out the tips of the first set! This is what you call rationalization, methinks.

I Try DIY | Handwritten Fonts

I scanned my doodled alphabet, and quickly made a new font out of the letters.

Make your own fonts with the following apps or sites:
iFontMaker for iPad
My Script Font


It’s still a bit early, but here’s your font fix for the month!

I Try DIY | Handwritten Fonts