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Bridal Shower

Last month, we threw a bridal shower for my good friend Laika. We had very quaint SPArty, sponsored by Macy, Laika’s BFF and Maid of Honor. It was a DIY shebang! Macy made these lovely flower pompoms right before the guests arrived. She also baked a bunch of cupcakes for the event. I painted a banner, and handmade some Bridal Bingo cards.

Had I had the sense to prepare the Bridal Bingo cards ahead of time, I wouldn’t have handmade them. And that bugged me. So, for anyone out there that might be throwing a bridal shower for a girlfriend, here’s a ZIP file containing 25 unique Bridal Bingo cards, and the list of items for drawing.

I Try DIY | Bridal Shower

Order some of Macy’s really delicious cupcakes. She’s on Facebook: Macy’s Fields