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DIY Notepads

As a kid, I used to love making my own stationery and notepads. There used to be a printing press in the compound where I grew up, so I observed as they printed and gummed all the pages together. So, I started cutting up my own sheets of paper and stamped designs on each sheet. As soon as a printer turned up in our home, I started designing my own sheets digitally, then gummed the printed sheets together. Here’s how I used to make them!


I Can Read The Letters Eyes Closed

If you’re anything like me, someone who has been wearing glasses or contacts for over 20 years, you must be familiar with the Snellen Eye Chart. You know, that thing with the huge E on the first line. I remember having to go through annual checkups at my school. We’d each sit patiently waiting our turn before having to read the lines, first with the right eye covered and again with the left. It was always the same chart. Always the same set of letters above the red line. I’ve memorized it. D E F P O T E C. I knew I shouldn’t be cheating, but I did.

DIY Notebooks

When I was in Japan last April, I came across these Muji pocket grid notebooks in Family Mart. They were thin, flat, and fit perfectly into the smallest of purses. Why I only bought two of those babies, I’ll never know for sure. I’ve been using the notebooks quite a bit, and as I came to the last few pages, I knew I had to either buy more or make more. So, here’s my quick tutorial on how to make something quite similar!