Back in the day, all I had for inspiration were dusty books and old magazines. I used to snip portions of old magazines and stick them on the little cork board in my bedroom. For a scatterbrain like me, the wonder that is PINTEREST, keeps all those ideas, pegs and mood boards inline online for me. Pinterest has tapped me to be a part of their community of content curators in the Philippines, and I’m eager to talk more about why they’re so great.

Inspiration is everywhere, both offline and online. I used to have a long long list of bookmarks on my browser, and an album of photos saved on my desktop. The great thing about Pinterest is that it combined all the tedious things I used to do, and put them all together. It’s a visual bookmarking tool that not only allows me to pin and keep my own finds, but also helps me discover new ones too! Nowadays, I have so much pinspiration, I just go through my boards should I end up facing the dreaded creative block.

I’m not so organized in real life, so it’s a wonder how I managed to create different boards to manage the things I love. My absolute favorite board of all is my Crafty Inspiration board. It’s amazing what other crafters come up with!

Follow Mikko Sumulong’s board Crafty Inspiration on Pinterest.
I also pin beautiful party pegs on my Party! Party! board to keep me inspired for when I style for clients’ parties.

Follow Mikko Sumulong’s board Party! Party! on Pinterest.
I also curate pins of all the tips, tricks and tutorials I post up on this site!

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Needless to say, I love Pinterest! You can follow me over there, and if you haven’t done so already, click on the link below to sign up with the special Philippine community sign up link. Start Pinning, and Happy Crafting!

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