In the process of looking for the watch for my previous DIY, I found a pair of shoelaces. Immediately, I knew I could use it as a base or filler for another bracelet. Please note that this shoelace is tubular, not the flat kind.

I Try DIY | Shoelaces on my Wrist

Here’s what I did. First, cut up some thread or yarn roughly twice as long as the entire shoelace. For this DIY, I used a thicker variant of DMC’s embroidery floss.

I Try DIY | Shoelaces on my Wrist

Fold your laces in half, leaving a loop up top. Wrap the thread around both laces 3-4 times around both laces. Once it is snug and secure, you can start wrapping the thread around each lace individually in a figure-8 fashion (see image below). Wrap until you reach the desired length.

I Try DIY | Shoelaces on my Wrist

And this is what it looks like when done! Enjoy!

I Try DIY | Shoelaces on my Wrist


Tag @mikkomix or @itrydiy when you post your final projects on instagram. I’d love to see your work! Happy crafting!


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    December 20, 2011

    astig to a, parang yung binebenta sa tabi-tabi na bente pesos! haha