When I first saw THIS friendship bracelet watch on Urban Outfitters’ site, I knew I had to have it. By that, it meant either having to buy it or make it. The tweet professing my love for this idea came months ago. I only got around to making it now.

This weekend, I suddenly remembered how I had a watch stashed away with the rest of my unused accessories. I don’t remember which cousin or visitor left this in my New York apartment. I never found out, and never used the watch myself. So, here’s how I made my version of this friendship bracelet watch.

What you need:

  1. (old) watch
  2. thread, I use DMC for my bracelets
  3. pliers
  4. elmer’s glue and/or super glue
  5. needle & thread

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap
Disassemble the watch using your pliers. Be extra careful with the small parts attaching the strap to the face. Keep the existing straps. You will use the old strap as a guide when making your own.How to do it (summarized):

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

Start making your bracelet, making sure the width, length and hole placement match the old straps. I created the holes by purposely missing knots down the center of my chevron pattern.

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

I kept the V-shaped edge for the top strap. To keep the edges from fraying, I glued and sewed the ends under.

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

I glued and sewed the other edge of the straps to hold them in place. And though the hidden side of the straps look a little messy (to me, at least), I must admit the watch itself is quite presentable!

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

And here’s the finished product!

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

I didn’t go into much detail in describing how I did this watch strap, only because you just might see the full how-to elsewhere.

Edit 1/19/2012: Here’s another watch I made for a photoshoot. 🙂

I Try DIY | Friendship Bracelet Watch Strap

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Tag @mikkomix or @itrydiy when you post your final projects on instagram. I’d love to see your work! Happy crafting!

December 3, 2011



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    June 5, 2012

    can you make one for me haha 🙂 i dont mind paying

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      Mikko Sumulong

      June 7, 2012

      Hi! The watch featured in the last photo is actually for sale on my etsy site! If you have a specific request for a watch order, I can accommodate it. Simply send me an e-mail at mynameismikko[at]me[dot]com. Thanks!

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    January 22, 2012

    I love this! It's so colorful, I have to make one! thank you!!!!!!!!!!