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DIY Honeycomb Lanterns

If it’s not obvious already, my mantra has always been to try DIY instead of buying. Last year, I swiped a honeycomb lantern from a party.  Craft geek that I am, I deconstructed it. Who would’ve thunk that it was such a simple thing to craft up? Here’s the tutorial for making DIY honeycomb lanterns.


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Mini Bunting Cake Toppers

For the last few parties I’ve helped style, the cakes have been topped with these little buntings. It’s festive. It’s too cute for words. With the right type of paper,…


Livi’s 2nd Birthday Picnic Party

What did we do last weekend? We spent Sunday at Livi’s 2nd Birthday Picnic Party! We worked on filling up Sitio Elena with everything picnic-themed. Seeing how happy Livi and…


7 Tips for Planning a Themed Party

Themed parties are always a thrill to attend. I’ve helped plan a few, and it’s a challenge as much as it is fun. I’m definitely not the expert on party…