10 Must-Have DMC Embroidery Floss Colors

Everyone knows by now that I choose DMC as my go-to thread for friendship bracelets and more. I use it for most of my projects, and it’s what I include for my friendship bracelet workshops and events.

I’m driven by color with my crafts. Delicious colors inspire me to craft. I just thought I’d share these 10 favorite colors from DMC. Put them in a bag, and randomly pick skeins. I guarantee they go well together no matter what!

ECRU, 310 – Black, 718 – Magenta, 943 – Turquoise, 3705 – Coral,
3821 – Mustard, 
3887 – Purple, 3891 – Blue, 3892 – Orange, 3894 – LimeI Try DIY | 10 Must-Have DMC Embroidery Floss Colors

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