Red Velvet Mocha

For the last week, I’ve been thinking of DIY/Tutorial ideas perfect for both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. The one thing the two occasions have in common was the color Red. So there I was, taking the last sip of my morning coffee when it hit me.

I Try DIY | Red Velvet Mocha


Here’s the recipe I came up with!

I Try DIY | Red Velvet Mocha

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Milk, Vanilla or Caramel syrup, Red food coloring, and coffee!

I’ve been using Torani and Da Vinci syrups, but pretty much any syrup will work.

I Try DIY | Red Velvet Mocha

I started off with a heaping teaspoon of cocoa, two pumps of syrup and red food coloring.

I Try DIY | Red Velvet Mocha

I added two shots of espresso, and stirred thoroughly.

I Try DIY | Red Velvet Mocha

I steamed some milk until was rich and creamy, and poured it into the espresso mixture.

Play around with the ingredient measurements until you get the combination that works best for you.

I Try DIY | Red Velvet Mocha

And for a fun and quirky finish, I scooped some frothy milk foam and made a heart!

February 6, 2014