Hex Nut Pendant

I bought a couple packs of hex nuts from the hardware store, hoping to make some of those bracelets I saw on Honestly WTF. See the DIY on those bracelets HERE.

Instead, I made a pendant out of the hex nuts!

You will need:

  1. hex nuts
  2. flat leather cord, or necklace chain link
  3. pliers
  4. jump rings

I Try DIY | Hex Nut Pendant

Arrange the hex nuts in whatever shape you’d like your pendant to be. Maybe it’s because I have Valentine’s Day blog posts on my mind, so this is what I came up with.

I Try DIY | Hex Nut Pendant

Using your pliers, connect each adjacent hex nut using some jewelry jump rings.

I Try DIY | Hex Nut Pendant

Continue until you get to the design you want.

I Try DIY | Hex Nut Pendant
I could have used a regular chain link, but chose to use a flat leather cord instead. I was being lazy. Either way, this is what I came up with! I can’t wait to make more necklaces, with pendants of other shapes.


I Try DIY | Hex Nut Pendant

Make sure to tag me on your own hex nut pendants! I’d love to see what types of hex nut necklaces and jewelry you guys come up with.


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  1. Hello, i love your idea and let me tell you, you were the inspiration to come up with some amazing earings, if i have your permission i would love to post them here.
    Thank you
    Ana Beck

    1. Sorry, didn't realize I haven't replied to this! You can either knot the cord on both corner jump rings. In this particular one, I threaded it through several jump rings (hidden in the back), to hold the heart shape as well.

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