Hex Nut Pendant

I bought a couple packs of hex nuts from the hardware store, hoping to make some of those bracelets I saw on Honestly WTF. See the DIY on those bracelets HERE.

Instead, I made a pendant out of the hex nuts.

You will need:

  • hex nuts
  • flat leather cord, or necklace chain link
  • pliers
  • jump rings

Arrange the hex nuts in whatever shape you’d like your pendant to be. Maybe it’s because I have Valentine’s Day blog posts on my mind, so this is what I came up with.

Using your pliers, connect each adjacent hex nut using some jewelry jump rings.

I could have used a regular chain link, but chose to use a flat leather cord instead. I was being lazy. Either way, this is what I came up with! I can’t wait to make more necklaces, with pendants of other shapes.

ย ย 

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